Free Marketing Campaign

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We would love to help all the small businesses through this difficult time. However, as a small business ourselves, we have limited resources.

We will choose one small business to develop, design, and execuite a marketing campaign. This can be, to either keep business going during these shut downs, or to get new people in after businesses reopen.

We will be in contact with all businesses who enter by 3/23/2020.
Due to the high interest in this campaign, and our desire to help as many businesses as possible, we are extending this promotion. We will still run a campaign for one business, but want to help guide as manay as possible. We will be discussing the best way to do this and getting back to each business who submits their information.

If we can support each other during these uncertain times, we will all come out of it stronger and wiser than we were before.

*If paid ads are necessary, the business owner will need to cover these costs. We are offering free labor hours, expertise, and tools.

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