As much as we’d like to go back in time before the pandemic, the truth is our world has changed forever. This is the case in many industries, but particularly so when it comes to digital marketing. Businesses have obviously become more reliant than ever on their digital footprints as people have been unable to visit physical establishments or attend events.

No one can ever wonder whether or not a brand’s digital presence is important. We sincerely hope that the closures of the past few months are a one-time thing. But unfortunately, we don’t know what the future holds.

Even as things begin to open back up, your customers are going to be less inclined to open the door to your business and way more willing to open the link to your website. Your clients don’t want to shake your hand right now, but they very well might follow you on social media.

One interesting trend we are watching is the shift to “phygital.” In a nutshell, “phygital” is a customer experience that combines both the digital and the physical. Similar to the way a person can look online at Target’s website to find the item they want and see if it’s in stock, but then head the closest Target to touch it and examine it in person, the “phygital” experience merges the speed and convenience of digital with the interaction of the physical. We would love the opportunity to dive into this new world with you and discover how to take your business “phygital.”

Now more than ever, your online presence matters. If your website, social media channels, photography, email marketing, or graphic design is not what you’d like it to be, we’d like to help.

Whether you’re just getting started with your digital marketing efforts or you simply need your time back so that you can run your business, we can help. Your success is our success!