We know business is not as usual these days–for us included! But we do have a few ideas to help your business get through these tough days.

Whatever you do, don’t go dark on social media. And don’t let your digital presence fade. This will end, and when it does, you want to be forefront in your potential customers’ minds.

1) MAKE MONEY TODAY BY SELLING SOMETHING FOR THE FUTURE: Get ahead by offering a special for new sign ups after the world comes back together, which will help boost revenue now. Consider selling a discounted package that will be enjoyed by your clients at a later date.

2) GET YOUR WEBSITE IN ORDER: Now is a good time to focus on your website and making sure it’s working its best for you! Make your website what you’ve always wanted it to be. Spruce up your SEO, beautify that homepage, and create that perfect click funnel. If you need help in this department, just say the word.

3) PLAN FUTURE CONTENT: Write long form content (blogs, newsletters, etc.) now to be used later when business starts to pick up and you get busier.

4) GROW YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA: Now is a great time to really concentrate on growing your social media platforms in hopes that the growth will translate into paying customers once this crisis has ended. Focus on fan engagement. We are all looking for hope and connection right now, so meet your clients (and potential clients) where they are. Check in with them. Encourage them. And come out of this their trusted virtual companion.

5) USE SOCIAL MEDIA FOR HUMAN CONNECTION: We’re all a little lonely right now. So use your platforms to connect with your audience. Facebook groups, 1:1 messaging, and live streaming video could be a huge asset in building a connected online community.

6) BE A DO-GOODER: Consider what philanthropic services you can provide. Show your community how much you value it and are a part of it. What good can you do when we’re all pulling together? Use hashtags, tag other businesses or nonprofits, and all around, be visible.

7) FREE STUFF: What discounts or freebies can you provide? Free shipping? A percentage off in-stock inventory?

8) VIRTUAL GATHERINGS: Virtual gatherings (via Zoom, Google hangouts, etc.) might be a good idea for you and your audience. Bring people together when we’re all feeling lonely.

9) HOW CAN YOU IMPROVE YOUR AUDIENCE’S LIVES: Think about how you can improve your audience’s lives during this crisis. What can you do to encourage, be optimistic, be kind, dispel fear & hatred, or provide boredom relief?

10) TRY SOMETHING NEW: If you have extra time on your hands, perhaps now is the time to experiment with new platforms. You’re not on Instagram yet? You need to be. Maybe you want to try TikTok. Why not? What do you have to lose?