Have you ever noticed a brand that has exceptional photos in their marketing materials?

Good photos tend to elevate a brand’s appearance, which can translate into trust.

On the other hand, think to when you’ve come across a not-so-pretty pic from a brand with clutter in the background, poor lighting, or a crooked subject. You tend to get the feeling that they’re not too concerned with their image, right? Perhaps it doesn’t instill confidence in the rest of their work?

Below are a few tips to give you the confidence to post photos that your brand can be proud of. 

1. Pay attention to lighting.

Consistently take photos with the same lighting situation each time. Ideally, your customers will recognize your photos on social media before they even see your brand name attached to it. Choose whether you’ll use natural light or artificial light, and stick with it.

2. Consistently use the same editing process.

Just like using a similar lighting setup, the editing that you use needs to feel consistent across the board.

3. Evaluate the background of your photo.

The final tip is to have a clutter-free background. Ideally, you’ll photograph with the same background each time. Be sure that it’s clean, wrinkle-free, and without clutter so that nothing is distracting the eye from your product.