Do you ever feel like you’re scrambling to get something . . . ANYTHING . . . posted on social media everyday?

Or maybe in the midst of doing ALL THE THINGS, you suddenly remember, “Oops, I haven’t posted anything on social media for the last five days!”

You know consistency is key. But actually making your social media presence a priority is daunting!

You also know your business is a great idea and you have something awesome to share with the world. But the world needs to know about it.

We think this 18-page printable social media planner can help you be more consistent and be more thoughtful about what and when you post.

Imagine how freeing it would be to schedule content weeks or even months in advance!

Here’s what’s included in the download:

  • Page to record all your usernames and passwords from all the channels you use

  • Page to record all your visual branding elements such as fonts and Hex codes

  • Pages to record the number of social media followers you have from month to month. It’s so fun to watch these numbers grow!

  • Calendars to plan which days you’ll post on which channels.

  • Pages for each channel to plan content for each week.

  • Pages for each channel to record analytics .

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