We know we need to be consistent in posting on social media. But deciding what to post day in and day out can be daunting.

A lot of business owners struggle with content creation. It’s not easy task, and it certainly requires some time and brain power.

We’ve sat down and generated 28 ideas of what you can post on social media. Give your followers a behind-the-scenes look into your business that includes quality photos and thoughtful word choice.

Then pay attention to what worked well. What got the most engagement? Continue to give your followers what they want!

  1. Post beautiful workplace photos.

  2. Share about an upcoming event.

  3. Post pretty pictures of your product.

  4. Thank your customers.

  5. Give a shout-out to some of your favorites.

  6. Answer an FAQ.

  7. Wish your followers a happy holiday (even if it’s National Dog Day…that falls on August 26 btw).

  8. Introduce your team members.

  9. Include customer testimonials.

  10. Share your origin story.

  11. Share a helpful tip.

  12. Celebrate a milestone.

  13. Share your brand’s values.

  14. Share positive reviews you’ve gotten.

  15. Establish yourself as an expert in your field.

  16. Share an inspirational quote.

  17. Share things you love about your community.

  18. Share your latest blog post.

  19. Share some insightful research or statistics.

  20. Post great photos of your employees.

  21. Post video promos.

  22. Ask a question.

  23. Post photos a new product.

  24. Share user-generated content (stuff about you that your customers have posted).

  25. Infographics

  26. Customer case studies.

  27. Company accomplishments and awards.

  28. Share your latest newsletter.

28 ideas to post on social media